MLACW (now mLAC) is an institution of excellence located strategically in the vicinity of national institutes of repute, such as Indian Institute of Science, Institute of Wood Science & Technology, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Raman Research Institute and Central Power Research Institute.


mLAC-Autonomous has enforced or mandated research supervisors or guides, scholars, and a system of appraisal of academic and research work following the completion of master and doctoral degrees in the form of theses, dissertations, research publications, book chapters, and other similar work that reflect the highest level of academic integrity and originality as stipulated by the college and the University Grant Commission (UGC). mLAC-Autonomous agrees to abide by the provisions outlined in the UGC's proposed policy on Academic Integrity and Plagiarism Prevention in Higher Educational Institutional Regulations, 2018.Folio No- F.I-18/2010 (CPP-II).

The college has created an institutional ethics committee for research involving animal subjects. mLAC-Autonomous places a high focus on encouraging academics to follow ethical principles established by the college and the UGC in carrying out research activities. The Internal Animal Ethical Committee (IAEC) must approve the research proposal.

Another crucial requirement imposed by the institution for all research activities, such as publication submission, dissertation submission, or project proposal submission, is plagiarism check. To do the above-mentioned action, plagiarism software is made available in the mLAC on a demand basis through librarian. The college promotes seed funding projects as well as departments to hold workshops based on research activities, where ethics in research is an important component. Faculty members are also made aware of IPR, patents, and ethics in research through invited talks.   

mLAC-Autonomous follows the code of ethics as per the Bangalore university guidelines and as per letter issued by UGC D.O. No.F.1.1/2018

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