MLACW (now mLAC) is an institution of excellence located strategically in the vicinity of national institutes of repute, such as Indian Institute of Science, Institute of Wood Science & Technology, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Raman Research Institute and Central Power Research Institute.




Bachelor of Arts

PO1. Understand the significance of Arts education in fostering a positive culture and climate in s…


Bachelor of Science

PO1. Understand the basic concepts of Science, its relevance to society and impact on the human rac…


Bachelor of Commerce

PO1. Understand and critically evaluate the various forms of business organizations

PO2. Use appro…


Bachelors in Business Administration

PO1. Demonstrate positive attitude for achieving excellence in the personal and professional Domain…


Bachelor of Computer Application

PO1. Apply the knowledge of Computer Science to algorithm, web design and networking

 PO2. Apply t…

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